Holywell Manor Festival - This event welcomes Students & Alumni (it is not organised by the Department)

8 April 2013 by Valeria Crowder

On Saturday 27 April 2013, the Holywell Manor Festival will bring together leaders from academia, politics, the arts and more for an exciting day of discussion, performance and commemoration - all nestled within the beautiful surrounds of Holywell Manor, the graduate residence of Balliol College. We invite all Oxford students and alumni to come enjoy a stimulating day of distinguished speakers, live music, and informal discussion.

Please find a full list of speakers and event details at our website: http://hmfestival.co.uk/. Please direct any questions to hmf.secretary@balliol.ox.ac.uk

The Holywell Manor Festival Event Details (Full details at our website: http://hmfestival.co.uk/)

Selected Speakers: Dr. Raj Patel, Mr. Howard Marks, Ms. Charlotte Leslie MP, Rabbi Lionel Blue, Lord Maclennan, Lord Justice Thorpe
Date: Saturday 27th April 2013
Time: 1100 - 1900
Where: Holywell Manor and Jowett Walk
Price: £40 for students and their guests, £50 for alumni and their guests
Inclusions: talks from over 20 nationally/internationally renowned alumni; live music and artistic performances; catered lunch and refreshments (alcoholic and non)

Holywell Manor Festival Committee