Manga artist visit to Physics

19 February 2013 by Valeria Crowder

Last week we had the visit of renowned manga artist from Japan, Riko Miyagi, who was in Oxford doing research for her characters.
She gave an informal lecture where she explained how she goes about developing her work, what materials she uses to draw and the way she thinks how they would look visually.
The public engaged with a few questions and she did some live drawing too...showing the incredible skill and patience required for manga.
Riko is a top designer from the Shueisha publishing group, the biggest in Japan.

After her talk, she visited some labs around the Department and met some of the people doing science here at Physics.

All amateur photos ©VC/Department of Physics

The artist drawing live

Different materials used for manga drawing

Signing copies

Riko's live drawing (unfinished)

Dr Paul Goddard's lab

Dr Ranah Irshad's lab

Dr Marco Barbieri's lab

Dr Sonia Contera's lab

Dr Wing Lau's lab

Dr Martin Bureau talks about Astronomy

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