Research Facilitation

Welcome to Physics Research Facilitation!

The Research Facilitation Team helps with identifying suitable funding opportunities as well as with preparing, requesting internal approval for and submitting research grant applications. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation our team is currently working from home so the best way to contact us is via the email addresses listed below, either individually or via our team inboxes (our office phones will not be answered at this time). We will then be happy to arrange to speak over the phone or via teleconference as required. Please note that our team has reduced capacity because of additional caring responsibilities and therefore we may take longer than usual to reply.

Meet the Team

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We are usually based in the Denys Wilkinson Building (612) but also have a hotdesk in the Clarendon Building (grants office, 303.6). We are usually there from 10am-12pm on a Tuesday and from 2pm-4pm on a Wednesday. Please do pop in to see us if you have any queries.

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Other support available

  • Dr Phill Tait, Innovation and Enterprise Manager, x83006
  • Sian Tedaldi, Outreach Programmes Manager, x82447 (currently on Maternity leave)
  • Oliver Moore, Outreach Programmes Manager, maternity cover
  • Dr Thorsten Hauler, Head of Research Grants and Contracts, x72406