Marie Curious 2019 - Photo Gallery

Demonstrating transverse waves in the 'More than you can see' showThe 'Investigating Goo' team from Oxford MaterialsExploring the properties of magnets in the 'Levitate!' workshopLooking at a cloud chamber to see radioactivityLevitating magnetsMagnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogenGetting hands-on with Oxford Hands On ScienceExtracting DNA from a kiwiInvestigating goo!Exploring the connection between dinosaurs and birdsLooking at bird and dinosaur wing structuresUp close to kiwisAnna shows off her turbine model in our panel Q&APanel Q&A at St John's CollegeShowing the distance to the stars in Orion in the 'More Than You Can See' showTrying out spectral glassesNaomi explaining radioactivity and detectorsShazeaa talking in the Q&AExplaining starlight with SianMagnets, superconductors and levitationMaking gooExtracting kiwi DNAThe properties of gooElizabeth and Maria explain the superconducting trainExploring wing structureElizabeth demonstrating with liquid nitrogenClara answering a question in the panel discussionMaria talks about being an undergraduateAnna explains how a turbine works