Videos and podcasts

Members of the department talk physics

The clips below present members of the Department talking about their work and interesting topics in physics.

Watch our Physics Vimeo channel.

Physics Flash Talks: a series of podcasts, various subjects, click here.

Stargazing Oxford (January 2013)

A series of videos and podcasts are available (also on iTunesU Oxford)

Jo Dunkley reveals the lastest research in Cosmology.

Kenor Anor looks at the science of large meteorite impacts on Earth.

Leigh Fletcher shows how we can use robots to discover more about the planets.

Dr Chris Lintott, University of Oxford, gives an overview of the discoveries made about the many billions of exo-planets - the planets that surround stars.

Charles Barclay offers advice on how to get the most out of stargazing with the naked eye and the astronomical activities to look out for in the coming months.

'In our time'

Emeritus Professor Mike Glazer talks about Crystallography

on BBC Radio 4, 'In our time'. First broadcast in UK: November 29th, 2012.
Link here.

Alumni Open Day at Physics, during Alumni Weekend 2012

Dr John Wheater, Dr Alan Barr and Dr Henry Snaith talk about 'Physics in the 21st Century' during Alumni Weekend 2012.

Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Robert Simpson explain using 'citizen power' to expand our knowledge of the Universe during Alumni Weekend 2012.

Dr Robert Simpson from Zooniverse

talks about the awe-inspiring aurorae, the Northern Lights, and other effects the sun can have on the earth. Find out why 2013 will be a spectacular year for this phenomenon and how and where is best to view it.

String Theory

Charlotte Mason, Edward Hughes and Dr Joseph Conlon - Theoretical Physics

Why String Theory? website aims to provide the general public with an introduction to the mysteries of string theory. Have a look here.

Dr Christopher Boddy - Particle Physics

His award winning application LHSee explained here.

Professor Wade Allison - Emeritus Professor

Prof Allison talking abour 'Radiation & Reason' at the American Nuclear Society, June 2012.
More information on his book and articles on public perceptions of nuclear radiation here.

Professor Brian Foster - Experimental Physics

Prof. Brian Foster and violinst Jack Liebeck

Prof Brian Foster teams up with the British classical musician Jack Liebeck to create a special lecture and performance about the legacy of Albert Einstein:

Professor Stephen Blundell - Condensed Matter

Professor Blundell speaking at 100 Years of Superconductivity Celebration, July 2011.
For links to his work and new books, including the new 'A very short introduction to magnetism', click here.

Professor Frank Close - Emeritus professor, Theoretical Physics

Prof Frank Close ‘Talks about Nothing (vacuum)’
Prof Frank Close discusses ‘The Void'
Prof Frank Close introduces symmetry and asymmetry
Prof Frank Close introduces antimatter
Prof Frank Close’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures ‘The Cosmic Onion’

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell - Astrophysics

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell describes how she discovered pulsars.

Dr Matthew Baker - Condensed Matter

Highlights from the "The Tree of Physics" Dr Matthew Baker presented at the Cambridge, Brighton and Cheltenham Science Festivals.
Dr Matthew Baker explores the physics of tree climbing
Dr Matthew Baker speaks about enterotoxic bacteria at an Ignite talk in London The talk is entirely in rhyme
Dr Matthew Baker's website Includes a collection of other talks by Dr Matthew Barker

Dr Andrew Pontzen - Astrophysics

Dr Andrew Pontzen has a range of videos on his website.

Sarah Miller & Renee Hlozek - Astrophysics

Podcast: Renee Hlozek and Sarah Miller talk about space time
Podcast: Renee Hlozek and Dr Chris Lintott talk about astronomy Other videos will be coming soon

Professor Joshua Silver - Atomic & Laser

Joshua Silver talks about his global vision

Dr Sonia Antoranz Contera - Condensed Matter

Dr Sonia Antoranz Contera talks about the Future of Medicine Presented with Susan Greenfield and other Professors from Oxford at Intelligence squared

Dr Philip Marshal - Astrophysics

Dr Phil Marshal talks about gravitational lenses

Dr Suzanne Aigrain - Astrophysics

Dr Suzanne Aigrain features in a short documentary about exrasolar planets