Citizen science

Contribute to real scientific discoveries

The University of Oxford is home to two major citizen science projects.

The Zooniverse

The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in many fields across the sciences, humanities, and more. The Zooniverse creates opportunities for you to unlock answers and contribute to real discoveries.

The Zooniverse was launched in 2009 and is now more than 10 years old. Zooniverse founder, University of Oxford astrophysicist and co-presenter of BBC’s The Sky at Night, Professor Chris Lintott, said: ‘

Zooniverse was one of the first initiatives to realise the potential of people-powered research on such a large scale. Our volunteers want to play their part in today’s scientific discoveries and help to change the world they live in. Our platform allows them to contribute in a meaningful way to science and, importantly, it provides researchers with an invaluable resource


I love the idea of helping with things that computers can't do and that would take a billion years for one person to do... :-)

I joined the Zoo out of curiosity and since joining I have become fascinated with it. It’s great that I can help scientists understand the cosmos and the forum is a great place to talk to other people about new discoveries.

If I wasn't disabled I'd be a scientist and so it feels like a tiny tiny way to be "a part" of something that matters.

Zooniverse volunteers is the world's largest climate modelling experiment for the 21st century. It runs climate modelling experiments using the home computers of thousands of volunteers. This allows researchers to answer important and difficult questions about how climate change is affecting our world now and how it will affect our world in the future.