Dr. John Barnett

Dr. John Barnett had been a member of the academic staff of AOPP since 1970, until his untimely death in July 2010. Throughout his 40 year career, John was a highly creative and dedicated atmospheric scientist who played a leading role in most of the large-scale Earth observation space projects in the Department. He was the UK Co-PI for the HIRDLS project since its inception, and held this role almost to the end of his life. In October 2009, however, he was diagnosed with a major brain tumour that, despite intensive medical intervention, proved impossible to treat. Even so, John continued to work on HIRDLS for as long as he could until this became too much for him. He died peacefully in the company of his close family on 2nd July 2010, aged 62.

John is sorely missed by all of his friends, colleagues and students, past and present. He will be affectionately remembered by all who knew him as a quiet, modest yet intensely clever scientist, and we pay tribute here to his inspiring example of scientific leadership and technical creativity. More details of his career can be seen in the obituary notice below, written by Alan O'Neill and John Houghton, that appeared in The Times on 20 August 2010. A number of other personal tributes are included in John's funeral service.

John and his family were (and still are) supporters of the charity Practical Action. John's wife, Elspeth, has suggested that anyone still wishing to pay a tangible tribute to John could do this via a donation to Practical Action.

The Times obituary notice for Dr. John Barnett [pdf]