Graduate Applications

Information for home and EU applicants (i.e. STFC studentships)

Deadlines for applications for admission in October 2018 are: 19 January 2018 and 9 March 2018. Please note that candidates will be informed that the University will accept applications and references on deadline days until 12 noon UK time.

Interviews will take place on Friday 2nd February (for Particle Physics applicants and John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science applicants) and Monday 5th February 2018 (for Particle Physics applicants).

The D.Phil course starts in October, with students attending a comprehensive series of lecture courses in their first year in parallel with starting work on their theses, which are normally completed within 3.5 years. We do not offer an MSc course in particle physics.

If you would like the slides for the talks given on Wednesday 6th December 2018, please email Kim Proudfoot.

Information on our research areas can be found in our list of thesis topics.

The Graduate Timetable that students will follow during the first year can be seen here Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term and Trinity Term the timetables may change slightly from year to year due to lecturer availability.

Theoretical research in particle physics is carried out in the Sub-department of Theoretical Physics and theoretical work in particle astrophysics in both the Sub-departments of Theoretical Physics and of Astrophysics. Professor Subir Sarkar gave a talk on 30th November 2016 about Particle Theory.


Information regarding DPhil in Particle Physics and how to apply can be found at:

Candidates who wish to be considered for an STFC studentship should submit their applications by
Friday 19 January 2018. For all applications a fee of £75 is required.

(Please note: If your application is related to more than one of the physics sub-departments, there is no need to complete a separate application for each. Please instead select one DPhil course and then add any additional Physics DPhils for which you would like to be considered to your application form, stating the academic’s name (where relevant) and sub-department. Your application will then be assessed for each of the Physics DPhils you have indicated. The information should be added in the ‘proposed supervisor name’ field or, if there is insufficient space, please include this clearly at the top of your research proposal. However, should you wish to apply to a different department or to a particular CDT you will need to submit a separate application for this; information on application fee waivers for CDT applications is available in the Application Guide,

Please note that we will be unable to consider applications after the deadline and all supporting material must be received by the deadline.

In addition on the application form, under the heading 'Research Applications Only', please state which 3 experiments you are interested in, or please email Kim Proudfoot ( with your choices.

Costs: The cost of graduate studies includes University and college fees (about £7,216 per year for home/EU citizens) and subsistence living costs (at least £14,553 per year), this will rise each academic year.

STFC awards: Home students are eligible for a full award which covers University and College fees and subsistence. Non-UK EU nationals who have not spent the previous three years in the UK will only be eligible for a fees only award. Please see the STFC website for full details of awards and eligibility.

There has been a change to PhD studentship eligibility; non-UK EU nationals who have spent the previous three years in the UK undertaking an undergraduate degree will now meet the residency requirements for full postgraduate studentship support.


Information regarding Fees and Funding including scholarships can be found here.

In addition, various scholarships of order £2,000 per year are available from some Oxford colleges.

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Applications without a fee will not be processed by the University

Further information:

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