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Women in Physics

  • Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics March 2018

The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in the UK, that will take place in March 2018, provides a unique opportunity to discover your prospects to become successful scientists, pursue your personal aspirations, and become well informed about career options supported by a physics degree.

The application site is now open and closes on January 19, 2018. More information on CUWiP UK can be found at the same website. Please send any questions regarding the CUWiP UK conference to

Institute of Physics (IoP)

  • IOP Cafe Physics

Do you like tea, cake, physics, and careers advice? Join the Institute of Physics and current physics teachers for an informal insight into teaching physics. All attendees will receive free refreshments and an IOP goody bag!

When: 12:00 to 14:00 this Wednesday, 21 February 2017
Where: the Mendelssohn Room, by the main entrance to the Martin Wood complex in the Department of Physics.

Click ‘going’ on the event to get more details and be reminded about it.


  • Enterprising Women – Physics Seminar 27 February 2018

Join us and be inspired by Dr. Cecilia Muldoon, avid oenophile, physicist, classic car fanatic and amateur ballerina!
Building on our previous talks, Cici Muldoon will be sharing lessons and insights from her journey from researcher to entrepreneur and CEO.
As usual we will be offering a networking lunch, from local social enterprises who combine making delicious food with doing good!
Please book here:
Date: 27 Feb 2018 - 12:00pm
Venue: Audrey Wood Meeting Room, Clarendon Laboratory, Department of Physics

  • LGBT+ Physical Sciences Network - Survey Launch Event Thursday 1 March

The next event from the LGBT+ Physics Science Network is taking place on Thursday 1 March at the IOP in London. Since its inception a few years ago, the network has grown to include Chemists, alongside Physicists and Astronomers.

The first big project from the Network is a climate survey to find out what the situation is like for LGBT+ physical scientists in the UK, and those LGBT+ people who have faced adversity and left science. This event is the launch of the survey. There’ll be talks from many across the network, along with a fantastic opportunity to network.

This event is open to all LGBT+ physical scientists and their allies, from Undergrads through to PhD Students, Post-Docs and permanent staff.

Register here:

  • 2018 Undergraduate Physics Conference

When: 16/17 April 2018 (Monday/Tuesday week 0 Trinity Term)
Where: Mary Sunley Building, St Catherine's College
What is it: Two days of lectures and seminars on physics you might not otherwise come across
Speakers: Andre Lukas on String Theory, Vlatko Vedral on Entanglement and Quantum Information, Geomagnetic Field as a remote sensing tool for the Earth's interior (Richard Holme, Liverpool), Gamma Ray Bursts (Julian Osborne, Leicester), Einstein's defence of the photon in 1917 (Christopher Palmer). There are parallel sessions where you get a choice of different things at the same time, including the connection between Earth's Magnetic Field and Rotation, synchrotron radiation
Cost: £10 including tea coffee and lunch both days
Vacation residence: This varies from college to college – please check with your college if you need vac res
When does it finish? After tea on Tuesday, around 15:30

To book go to:

and follow the instructions. It's a bit lengthy as the system distinguishes between the customer (who pays) and the delegate (who gets to go to the conference), so if you play your cards wrong you end up entering all your details TWICE.

a) For your customer details use your College address and email.
b) On a later screen you can then click ‘Use Customer Details’ to copy them into the delegate details slots.
c) Then you get asked about your course, year and any dietary requirements. Please enter something under dietary requirements, even if is just NONE so we know you didn't forget!
d) Then you go through a standard card payment section (any details entered here should be those for the address at which the card is registered)
You will get then get TWO emails, a cash receipt to the customer and a booking receipt to the delegate.

Places are limited so don't delay!


  • Tessella Internship Position

Tessella would like to offer the opportunity to take part in our summer internship program. Tessella is a specialist scientific software solutions and consultancy company, using our unique blend of scientific, engineering and IT skills to solve the most complex technical and business problems.
We have an enviable reputation for providing high quality software development and modelling services to organizations in the scientific, technical and engineering community.
The work will provide an excellent experience of working with professional software engineers, who equally have come from a scientific background, to deliver a complex software solution. You will get first-hand experience of professional software development on real projects for our clients. This is a rare opportunity to see inside not just our company at work, but potentially also our clients, offering a much broader work experience than you might expect. More details

Summer Schools/Summer Student Positions

  • Future Physicist International Summer Camp July 2018

The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) will organize the 2018 'Future Physicist International Summer Camp', which spans 14 days from July 1st to July 14th 2018. The camp will provide junior students with an exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality learning, hands-on research, and an unforgettable summer experience. International students can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and gain insights into Chinese culture. USTC and other Chinese students can have a taste of cultural exchange with international students without going abroad. More details available from the website.

  • CamExpress - opportunity to spend the summer in Shanghai

Looking for invaluable work experience? Want the chance to live, work and explore abroad? Interested in one of the most dynamic economies in the world? If it’s a YES to any of the above, a summer at CamExpress in Shanghai and Qingdao may be perfect for you.
Cam Express is an educational consultancy firm, which aims to introduce Chinese A-level students to western approaches to their studies and prepare them for student life in the UK. Participating interns therefore provide subject tuition but, perhaps more importantly, also offer Chinese students the opportunity to network and engage with British-based undergraduates before they embark on a degree in the UK.
☆☆☆☆Benefits of the scheme include☆☆☆☆
• Being based in China for a period of 8 weeks starting from July 2nd 2018
• A travel grant of £600 to cover flight costs
• Free accommodation
• Weekly stipend
• Organised weekend entertainment and trips
We are seeking hard-working, highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a strong academic record, an excellent command of both written and spoken English and a desire to add significant value to the students and overall programme.
Applicants must be reading for an undergraduate degree in one of the following subjects:
- Mathematics
- Computer Science
- Economics
- Physics
- Engineering
- Material Science
- Chemistry
- Natural Sciences
- Biology
- Biochemistry
- Medicine
- Philosophy
- History
There are a total of 10 places available on this programme, ideally most of the subjects above will be represented within the intake. Applicants from joint degree programmes such as PPE and E&M are also welcomed.
If this opportunity interests and excites you, please:
1 Send your CV and a cover letter to
2 Fill in our application form found here:
by Sunday 18 February 2018.
Interviews will be held shortly after this date. If you have any further questions or simply want to find out more about the programme, please do get in touch with one of our representatives at


  • A 4-year fully-funded PhD project on the theory of molecular information processors

Research will be performed as part of Dr Ouldridge's "Principles of Biomolecular Systems" group ( in the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London

The project will involve the development and analysis of stochastic models for biomolecular processes, both analytically and through simulation, and interpreting the results in terms of thermodynamics, computation and information theory (expertise in these particular disciplines is not expected, but an interest is important). Further details, and instructions on how to apply, can be found on the group website.

  • New Master Program: Radiation Biology at Technical University of Munich

The program concentrates on the effect of radiation on the human body, especially on cancer progression and control.

For more information, please see flyer.

For questions, please contact

Paid opportunities

  • Outreach helpers needed - £10 p/h plus travel.

Physics Outreach is looking for helpers to assist as well as deliver several workshops in the next few months, specifically 2/3/18, 16/3/18, 27/4/18, 11/5/18 and 25/5/18.

If you are available to lead or help out on any of the dates listed above, please contact Lena Shams. We pay £10.00 per hour, including travel time.

To sign up for more regular updates please join the outreach mailing list.

External job opportunities

  • Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) working towards a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) invites applications for a research position aimed at Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) working towards a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics. The research will be conducted in Munich in the context of the AMVA4NewPhysics innovative training network (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015, proposal 675440).

AMVA4NewPhysics stands for a Marie Skłodowska Curie European Action Innovative Training Network (MSCA ITN) titled "Advanced Multivariate Analysis for New Physics Searches at the Large Hadron Collider". Within this network, we are hiring one ESR to work on searches for New Physics and their implications for physics beyond the SM (BSM). The main goal for the ESR will be the application of machine learning tools to searches for new physics manifesting itself in new particles (e.g. supersymmetric partners of the SM) or in Higgs signals. A particular emphasis will be given to the reinterpretation of advanced searches within a public recasting framework.

AMVA4NewPhysics foresees a very rich training program including participation in several international doctoral schools, workshops, and conferences. The TUM ESR the position also foresees a secondment at a partner with expertise in applications of Machine Learning tools.

The positions are open to candidates of any nationality fulfilling the EU mobility criteria: applicants should not have resided or performed their main activity (work, studies, etc) in Germany for more than 12 months in the three years prior to the hiring date. Applicants should be in the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers and not yet have Ph.D. This four-year period is measured from the date of obtaining the degree which would formally entitle to embark on a doctorate (master 120 or equivalent). Applications from female researchers are encouraged as AMVA4NewPhysics applies affirmative action measures to guarantee gender neutrality in the selection process. The position is funded for 16 months through the network and continued funding for the remainder of the PhD will be provided by TUM.

During the time funded by the network the gross scholarship amounts to euro 3072.68/month; in addition to it, a gross mobility allowance of euro 600/month is provided for (which is added to the scholarship). Selected candidates who have a family at the time of recruitment qualify for an additional family allowance of gross 500 per month.

The cost of enrolment in the Ph. D. school and of the doctoral courses, as well as all expenses related to travel to schools, workshops, and network-organized events and internships will be sustained by the network.

Although the positions will remain open until suitable candidates are found, interested persons are encouraged to apply before 31st March 2018. The position can start as early as May 2018. Applications, including curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and at least one letter of recommendation must be send to (

For more information, please, contact Andreas Weiler (

  • Physics teaching job at Abingdon School

We are currently recruiting for a new Physics teacher. As a private school there is not the necessity for teachers to have already done teacher training and hence you can come straight out of a university physics course to teach.

Student societies

  • Aeronautical Society: Stealth Threats and Anti-Stealth Techniques - 19 February 2018

Speaker: Lt Col (HAF) Konstantinos C. Zikidis, Hellenic Air Force Academy, Department of Aeronautical Sciences, Dekelia Air Force Base, Attica, Greece

Low observable or stealth technology has been stated as a “game changer”, seriously challenging the capabilities of typical air defence radars. All weapon systems, such as fighter aircraft, UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles), ships, tanks, and missiles, are designed or redesigned, in an effort to reduce their radar signature, and thus their detection range by enemy radars. However, this endeavour comes at a price, in terms of operational capabilities and cost. On the other hand, several anti-stealth approaches have been proposed, such as low frequency band radars and infrared search & track systems, trying to exploit different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, other than the common radar bands. So, is stealth really a cloak of invisibility, as advertised? Is it a panacea or not?
This talk will try to provide insight into this issue, beginning by a short exploration on low observable development and a presentation on current stealth aircraft. An estimation of the detection range for various sensors will be attempted, focusing on the stealth F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Finally, the “kill chain” perspective will be discussed against difficult-to-detect targets.
Time: 19th February 2018, Monday, 19:00 - 20:30
Venue: Dorfman Centre, St Peter’s College, OX1 2DL, Oxford
Free ticket registration:

Facebook: @OUAerOx

Other opportunities

  • Join the senior editorial team of The Oxford Scientist in TT18!

Interested in journalism? Love scientific writing?

If so, then apply to join the senior editorial team of The Oxford Scientist (rebranded this term from Bang! Science Magazine), for Trinity Term 2018.

Applications for Editors-in-Chief, Print (Magazine) Editor, News Editor, Web Editor, and Business Manager are now open!

Email for an application form. Deadline for completed forms is Midnight on Thursday of 6th Week (22nd February - with interviews the weekend after).

Any questions? Please email or

  • LEV8 - /ˈɛlɪveɪt/ - pron: el-ev-ate - Oxford Foundry start-up accelerator launches

What is OXFO LEV8?
OXFO LEV8 at the Oxford Foundry is the University of Oxford’s newest accelerator, designed to support and nurture early-stage start-up teams affiliated to the University by helping to develop them into strong, scalable businesses.

OXFO LEV8 welcomes applications from any start-up team that includes at least one Oxford University student, member of staff, or alumnus/alumna within 10 years of graduation.

• OXFO LEV8 welcomes ventures from all sectors. We believe that innovation thrives in a diverse community.
• Our programme is led and influenced by entrepreneurs – we practice what we preach!
• We offer a bespoke programme, tailored to the needs and interests of our venture teams.
• Our programme focuses on bringing relevant industry experts to all of our ventures.
• We are global: we will be bringing international angels, investors and thought leaders to our doorstep – physically and via video links and webinars.
• We offer access to excellence in entrepreneurial learning, through the University of Oxford, and through access to world leading intellectual capital.
• Our programme will focus on personal growth, and developing an entrepreneurial mind set while you shape and scale your start-up.
Applications are now open – apply by midnight on 20th February!

Full information at

If you would like to place an advert on this page or if you spot a mistake, please contact Hannah Glanville.