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Imaging and manipulation of skyrmion lattice domains in Cu<inf>2</inf>OSeO<inf>3</inf>

Applied Physics Letters 109 (2016)

SL Zhang, A Bauer, H Berger, C Pfleiderer, G Van der Laan, T Hesjedal

© 2016 Author(s).Nanoscale chiral skyrmions in noncentrosymmetric helimagnets are promising binary state variables in high-density, low-energy nonvolatile memory. Skyrmions are ubiquitous as an ordered, single-domain lattice phase, which makes it difficult to write information unless they are spatially broken up into smaller units, each representing a bit. Thus, the formation and manipulation of skyrmion lattice domains is a prerequisite for memory applications. Here, using an imaging technique based on resonant magnetic x-ray diffraction, we demonstrate the mapping and manipulation of skyrmion lattice domains in Cu2OSeO3. The material is particularly interesting for applications owing to its insulating nature, allowing for electric field-driven domain manipulation.

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