Thin Film Quantum Materials

Group Leaders:


Our group is located in the Clarendon Laboratory (Physics Department, University of Oxford), as well as on the Harwell Oxford Science Campus where we can be found in the state-of-the-art Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH). The RCaH is conveniently located on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) site, next door to the UK’s new third generation synchrotron radiation source Diamond. The RAL is also known for its unique pulsed neutron and muon source ISIS.

Research interests

Growth of quantum materials in the form of thin films and of nanostructures using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), UHV sputtering, and chemical vapor deposition; their structural, magnetic, and electrical characterization; as well as exploratory device studies.

Materials of interest include:

  • Topological insulators – heterostructures, magnetic doping, intercalation, phase-change memory
  • Oxides – MBE growth, electronic studies, doping, strain engineering
  • Magnetic heterostructures - thin film growth, nanofabrication, devices
  • Silicon/germanium – thin film growth, strain enginering
  • Lanthanides - heterostructures, RE doping, exchange springs

Scientific projects and goals:

  • Ferromagnetic doping of TIs and the quantum anomalous Hall effect (Oxford-Diamond-ISIS-York-MPI-IS-Stanford-IBM)
  • Exploration of novel topological magneto-electric effects (Stanford-IBM-Oxford)
  • Development of switchable magnetic anisotropy materials for all-electric operation of magnetic devices (Diamond-Oxford)
  • Synthesis and study of novel multiferroic materials systems that allow for electric control
    of the magnetization state (Oxford-ISIS)
  • Study of thin film Mott materials (PennState-ALS-Oxford)
  • Novel device schemes for the post-CMOS age using systems that show room-temperature magnetoresistance ratios in excess of 30,000% (Oxford-SRC)
  • Exploration of thin film Skyrmion materials for advanced, low-power spin-based applications (Munich-Diamond-Durham-Negev-Oxford)
  • Development and study of Laves phase exchange spring materials (Soton-Exeter-Diamond-Oxford)
  • Phase change materials (Oxford Materials)