Welcome to the outreach pages for the Quantum Materials group. Here you can find resources to help you learn more about our research, and the work we are doing to promote a wider understanding of what quantum materials are, how we research them and they ways in which new quantum materials can impact on our everyday lives.


There are a range of videos available about our work, from ten-minute introductions to hour-long lectures, and from family-friendly explorations to in-depth teaching. You can find all this and more here.

Workshops for schools

We have developed two workshops for presentation in schools. One of these, called Fantastic Fields, explores the world of magnetic materials and magnetic fields. The other, called Levitate!, introduces the fascinating and strange behaviour of superconductors at low temperatures.

The workshops are a mix of front-of-class presentations, demonstrations and hands-on experiments for the students.

Magnets Fantastic

We're currently producing a brand new, hands-on, interactive show all about magnets, everyone's favourite quantum material! The first shows were in December at the Physics Department in Oxford, and we're hoping to take it further afield soon. Everyone's welcome, but it's particularly aimed at Years 6 - 9. You can check out some photos here!


For more information on the outreach of the Quantum Materials group, contact the Quantum Materials Outreach Officer, Kathryn Boast.

Over the next few months we are planning lots of new material, so keep an eye on these pages for updates and changes!