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A study of wintertime circulation anomalies during past El Nino events, using a high resolution general circulation model. I: influence of model climatology.

Quarterly Journal - Royal Meteorological Society 112 (1986) 613-638

TN Palmer, DA Mansfield

A basic objective is to study the influence of model climatology on the response to a tropical s.s.t. anomaly. This was done both by comparing our results with those from a lower resolution GCM (the NCAR Community Climate Model) with an identical s.s.t. anomaly, and by performing control and anomaly integrations with both mean and envelope orography. The specification of orography strongly influences the strength of the mean zonal flow, and stationary and transient wave activity in our model. Overall, we conclude that a GCM's response is strongly sensitive to the basic model climatology. In trying to understand dynamically the GCM response it was concluded that the PNA pattern may not simply be the result of Rossby wave dispersion from a tropical source. The PNA pattern may also be associated with a combination of two separate influences, the interaction with the anomalous mean flow of enhanced storm track activity over the Pacific, and with orography on the North American continent. -from Authors

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