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Thermodynamics, transport and relaxation in non-conformal theories

Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (2016)

M Attems, J Casalderrey-Solana, D Mateos, I Papadimitriou, D Santos-Oliván, CF Sopuerta, M Triana, M Zilhão

© 2016, The Author(s).We study the equilibrium and near-equilibrium properties of a holographic five-dimensional model consisting of Einstein gravity coupled to a scalar field with a non-trivial potential. The dual four-dimensional gauge theory is not conformal and, at zero temperature, exhibits a renormalisation group flow between two different fixed points. We quantify the deviations from conformality both in terms of thermodynamic observables and in terms of the bulk viscosity of the theory. The ratio of bulk over shear viscosity violates Buchel’s bound. We study relaxation of small-amplitude, homogeneous perturbations by computing the quasi-normal modes of the system at zero spatial momentum. In this approximation we identify two different relaxation channels. At high temperatures, the different pressures first become approximately equal to one another, and subsequently this average pressure evolves towards the equilibrium value dictated by the equation of state. At low temperatures, the average pressure first evolves towards the equilibrium pressure, and only later the different pressures become approximately equal to one another.

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