Identifying the progenitors of present-day early-type galaxies in observational surveys: Correcting 'progenitor bias' using the Horizon-AGN simulation

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (2018) 3140-3151

G Martin, S Kaviraj, JEG Devriendt, Y Dubois, C Pichon, C Laigle

© 2017 The Author(s). Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. As endpoints of the hierarchical mass-assembly process, the stellar populations of local earlytype galaxies encode the assembly history of galaxies over cosmic time. We useHorizon-AGN, a cosmological hydrodynamical simulation, to study the merger histories of local early-type galaxies and track how the morphological mix of their progenitors evolves over time. We provide a framework for alleviating 'progenitor bias' - the bias that occurs if one uses only early-type galaxies to study the progenitor population. Early types attain their final morphology at relatively early epochs - by z ~ 1, around 60 per cent of today's early types have had their last significant merger. At all redshifts, the majority of mergers have one late-type progenitor, with late-late mergers dominating at z > 1.5 and early-early mergers becoming significant only at z < 0.5. Progenitor bias is severe at all but the lowest redshifts - e.g. at z~0.6, less than 50 per cent of the stellar mass in today's early types is actually in progenitors with early-type morphology, while, at z~ 2, studying only early types misses almost all (80 per cent) of the stellar mass that eventually ends up in local early-type systems. At high redshift, almost all massive late-type galaxies, regardless of their local environment or star formation rate, are progenitors of local early-type galaxies, as are lowermass (M* < 10 10.5 M ⊙ ) late-types as long as they reside in high-density environments. In this new era of large observational surveys (e.g. LSST, JWST), this study provides a framework for studying how today's early-type galaxies have been built up over cosmic time.

Models of gravitational lens candidates from SpaceWarps CFHTLS

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (2018) 3700-3713

R Küng, P Saha, I Ferreras, E Baeten, J Coles, C Cornen, C Macmillan, P Marshall, A More, L Oswald, A Verma, JK Wilcox

© 2017 The Author(s). Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. We report modelling follow-up of recently discovered gravitational-lens candidates in the Canada France Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey. Lens modelling was done by a small group of specially interested volunteers from the SpaceWarps citizen-science community who originally found the candidate lenses. Models are categorized according to seven diagnostics indicating (a) the image morphology and how clear or indistinct it is, (b) whether the mass map and synthetic lensed image appear to be plausible, and (c) how the lens-model mass compares with the stellar mass and the abundance-matched halo mass. The lensing masses range from ~10 11 to > 10 13 M ⊙ . Preliminary estimates of the stellar masses show a smaller spread in stellar mass (except for two lenses): a factor of a few below or above ~10 11 M ⊙ . Therefore, we expect the stellar-to-total mass fraction to decline sharply as lensing mass increases. The most massive system with a convincing model is J1434+522 (SW 05). The two low-mass outliers are J0206-095 (SW 19) and J2217+015 (SW 42); if these two are indeed lenses, they probe an interesting regime of very low star formation efficiency. Some improvements to the modelling software (SpaghettiLens), and discussion of strategies regarding scaling to future surveys with more and frequent discoveries, are included.

The new galaxy evolution paradigm revealed by the Herschel surveys


S Eales, D Smith, N Bourne, J Loveday, K Rowlands, P van der Werf, S Driver, L Dunne, S Dye, C Furlanetto, RJ Ivison, S Maddox, A Robotham, MWL Smith, EN Taylor, E Valiante, A Wright, P Cigan, G De Zotti, MJ Jarvis, L Marchetti, MJ Michalowski, S Phillipps, S Viaene, C Vlahakis

Gas flows in the circumgalactic medium around simulated high-redshift galaxies

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (2018) 4279-4301

PD Mitchell, J Blaizot, J Devriendt, T Kimm, L Michel-Dansac, J Rosdahl, A Slyz

© 2017 The Author(s). We analyse the properties of circumgalactic gas around simulated galaxies in the redshift range z ≥ 3, utilizing a new sample of cosmological zoom simulations. These simulations are intended to be representative of the observed samples of Lyman α (Ly α) emitters recently obtained with the multi unit spectroscopic explorer (MUSE) instrument (halo masses ~ 10 10 - 10 11 M⊙). We show that supernova feedback has a significant impact on both the inflowing and outflowing circumgalactic medium (CGM) by driving outflows, reducing diffuse inflow rates, and by increasing the neutral fraction of inflowing gas. By temporally stacking simulation outputs, we find that significant net mass exchange occurs between inflowing and outflowing phases: none of the phases are mass-conserving. In particular, we find that the mass in neutral outflowing hydrogen declines exponentially with radius as gas flows outwards from the halo centre. This is likely caused by a combination of both fountain-like cycling processes and gradual photoionization/collisional ionization of outflowing gas. Our simulations do not predict the presence of fast-moving neutral outflows in the CGM. Neutral outflows instead move with modest radial velocities (~ 50 km s -1 ), and the majority of the kinetic energy is associated with tangential rather than radial motion.

X-ray metrology of an array of active edge pixel sensors for use at synchrotron light sources


R Plackett, K Arndt, D Bortoletto, I Horswell, G Lockwood, I Shipsey, N Tartoni, S Williams

Photometric redshifts for the next generation of deep radio continuum surveys - I. Template fitting


KJ Duncan, MJI Brown, WL Williams, PN Best, V Buat, D Burgarella, MJ Jarvis, K Malek, SJ Oliver, HJA Rottgering, DJB Smith

The clustering and bias of radio-selected AGN and star-forming galaxies in the COSMOS field

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (2018) 4133-4150

CL Hale, MJ Jarvis, I Delvecchio, PW Hatfield, M Novak, V Smolčić, G Zamorani

© 2017 The Author(s). Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. Dark matter haloes in which galaxies reside are likely to have a significant impact on their evolution. We investigate the link between dark matter haloes and their constituent galaxies by measuring the angular two-point correlation function of radio sources, using recently released 3 GHz imaging over~2 deg2 of the Cosmological Evolution Survey (COSMOS) field. We split the radio source population into star-forming galaxies (SFGs) and active galactic nuclei (AGN), and further separate the AGN into radiatively efficient and inefficient accreters. Restricting our analysis to z < 1, we find SFGs have a bias, b = 1.5 -0.2 +0.1 , at a median redshift of z = 0.62. On the other hand, AGN are significantly more strongly clustered with b = 2.1 ± 0.2 at a median redshift of 0.7. This supports the idea that AGN are hosted by more massive haloes than SFGs. We also find low accretion rate AGN are more clustered (b = 2.9 ± 0.3) than high accretion rate AGN (b = 1.8 -0.5 +0.4 ) at the same redshift (z ~ 0.7), suggesting that low accretion rate AGN reside in higher mass haloes. This supports previous evidence that the relatively hot gas that inhabits the most massive haloes is unable to be easily accreted by the central AGN, causing them to be inefficient. We also find evidence that low accretion rate AGN appear to reside in halo masses of M h ~ 3-4 × 10 13 h -1 M⊙ at all redshifts. On the other hand, the efficient accreters reside in haloes of M h ~1-2×10 13 h -1 M⊙ at low redshift but can reside in relatively lower mass haloes at higher redshifts. This could be due to the increased prevalence of cold gas in lower mass haloes at z ≥ 1 compared to z < 1.

Improving photometric redshift estimation using GPZ: Size information, post processing, and improved photometry

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 475 (2018) 331-342

Z Gomes, MJ Jarvis, IA Almosallam, SJ Roberts

© 2017 The Author(s). The next generation of large-scale imaging surveys (such as those conducted with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and Euclid) will require accurate photometric redshifts in order to optimally extract cosmological information. Gaussian Process for photometric redshift estimation (GPZ) is a promising new method that has been proven to provide efficient, accurate photometric redshift estimations with reliable variance predictions. In this paper,we investigate a number of methods for improving the photometric redshift estimations obtained using GPZ (but which are also applicable to others). We use spectroscopy from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly Data Release 2 with a limiting magnitude of r < 19.4 along with corresponding Sloan Digital Sky Survey visible (ugriz) photometry and the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey Large Area Survey near-IR (YJHK) photometry. We evaluate the effects of adding near-IR magnitudes and angular size as features for the training, validation, and testing of GPZ and find that these improve the accuracy of the results by ~15-20 per cent. In addition, we explore a post-processing method of shifting the probability distributions of the estimated redshifts based on their Quantile-Quantile plots and find that it improves the bias by ~40 per cent. Final ly, we investigate the effects of using more precise photometry obtained from the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program Data Release 1 and find that it produces significant improvements in accuracy, similar to the effect of including additional features.

The most massive galaxies in clusters are already fully grown at z similar to 0.5


LJ Oldham, RCW Houghton, RL Davies

Implications of strong intergalactic magnetic fields for ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray astronomy

Physical Review D 96 (2017)

R Alves Batista, M-S Shin, J Devriendt, D Semikoz, G Sigl

Implications of strong intergalactic magnetic fields for ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray astronomy

Physical Review D American Physical Society (2017)

R Alves Batista, M-S Shin, J Devriendt, D Semikoz, G Sigl

Calibrating photometric redshifts with intensity mapping observations

PHYSICAL REVIEW D 96 (2017) ARTN 043515

D Alonso, PG Ferreira, MJ Jarvis, K Moodley

The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey ( KROSS): rotational velocities and angular momentum of z approximate to 0.9 galaxies


CM Harrison, HL Johnson, AM Swinbank, JP Stott, RG Bower, I Smail, AL Tiley, AJ Bunker, M Cirasuolo, D Sobral, RM Sharples, P Best, M Bureau, MJ Jarvis, G Magdis

Environmental quenching and galactic conformity in the galaxy cross-correlation signal


PW Hatfield, MJ Jarvis

Modelling charge storage near full well in CCDs


DP Weatherill, R Plackett, K Arndt, IPJ Shipsey

Measurement of the transverse momentum spectra of weak vector bosons produced in proton-proton collisions at root s=8TeV


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KiDS-450: the tomographic weak lensing power spectrum and constraints on cosmological parameters


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Radiation hardness studies of AMS HV-CMOS 350nm prototype chip HVStripV1


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The COSMOS2015 galaxy stellar mass function Thirteen billion years of stellar mass assembly in ten snapshots


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Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the environments of high- and low-excitation radio galaxies


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