Ion Trap Quantum Computing

Group Leaders:

Prof. David Lucas and Prof. Andrew Steane

About Us

We are primarily an experimental group, testing and developing ideas in quantum computing using laser-manipulated trapped ions.

We are also involved in some theoretical activity, concerned mainly with quantum fault-tolerant methods and quantum error correction. See here for introductions, papers, and other links about this work.

An image of 8 calcium ions caught in one of our traps. They are 10µm apart, scattering 397nm laser light.

Postdoc positions

If you are interested in joining our team as a postdoc, please email

Ph.D. positions

We have two funded Ph.D. studentships available for start in 2017. These projects will contribute to our goal of building the basic modules of a quantum processor formed from a photonically-linked network of trapped-ion qubits, see


We work at the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford. For directions see the Oxford Physics page here.