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In-situ determination of dispersion and resolving power in simultaneous multiple-angle XUV spectroscopy

Journal of Instrumentation 6 (2011)

U Zastrau, V Hilbert, E Förster, C Brown, G Gregori, T White, T Döppner, H Glenzer, S Dziarzhytski, M Harmand, T Laarmann, A Przystawik, P Radcliffe, M Schulz, F Tavella, S Toleikis, S Göde, K-H Meiwes-Broer, S Skruszewicz, J Tiggesbäumker, D Hochhaus, P Neumayer, J Lee

We report on the simultaneous determination of non-linear dispersion functions and resolving power of three flat-field XUV grating spectrometers. A moderate-intense short-pulse infrared laser is focused onto technical aluminum which is commonly present as part of the experimental setup. In the XUV wavelength range of 10-19 nm, the spectrometers are calibrated using Al-Mg plasma emission lines. This cross-calibration is performed in-situ in the very same setup as the actual main experiment. The results are in excellent agreement with ray-tracing simulations. We show that our method allows for precise relative and absolute calibration of three different XUV spectrometers. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA.

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