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The CRESST-III low-mass WIMP detector

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 718 (2016)

R Strauss, G Angloher, A Bento, C Bucci, L Canonica, X Defay, A Erb, F Von Feilitzsch, N Ferreiro Iachellini, P Gorla, A Gütlein, D Hauff, J Jochum, M Kiefer, H Kluck, H Kraus, JC Lanfranchi, J Loebell, A Münster, C Pagliarone, F Petricca, W Potzel, F Pröbst, F Reindl, K Schäffner, J Schieck, S Schönert, W Seidel, L Stodolsky, C Strandhagen, A Tanzke, HH Trinh Thi, C Türkoglu, M Ufflnger, A Ulrich, I Usherov, S Wawoczny, M Willers, M Wüstrich, A Zöller

© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. The next generation direct dark matter experiment CRESST-III has a high potential to significantly increase the sensitivity to low-mass WIMPs (m x ≲10GeV/c 2 ). We present the new CRESST detector module: it consists of a 24 g CaWO 4 crystal operated as a phonon detector and a 20×20 mm 2 silicon-on-sapphire light detector. The phonon energy threshold is lowered to ∼100eV and a light detector resolution of typically 5eV is achieved. A fully-scintillating inner detector housing is realised which efficiently rejects events from surface-alpha decays. The CaWO 4 sticks holding the target crystal are also operated as calorimeters to discriminate all possible artefacts related to the support structure. A projection for the sensitivity to spin-independent WIMP-nucleon scattering is given for the first phase of CRESST-III which will start beginning of 2016.

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