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Multicellular Self-Organization of P. aeruginosa due to Interactions with Secreted Trails

Physical Review Letters 117 (2016)

A Gelimson, K Zhao, CK Lee, WT Kranz, GCL Wong, R Golestanian

© 2016 American Physical Society. Guided movement in response to slowly diffusing polymeric trails provides a unique mechanism for self-organization of some microorganisms. To elucid ate how this signaling route leads to microcolony formation, we experimentally probe the trajectory and orientation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa that propel themselves on a surface using type IV pili motility appendages, which preferentially attach to deposited exopolysaccharides. We construct a stochastic model by analyzing single-bacterium trajectories and show that the resulting theoretical prediction for the many-body behavior of the bacteria is in quantitative agreement with our experimental characterization of how cells explore the surface via a power-law strategy.

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