Oxford Exotics Group

13 TeV dijet event with an invariant mass of 8.8 TeV, the highest-pT jet has a pT of 810 GeV, and the subleading jet has a pT of 750 GeV.

The Standard Model of particle physics may be one of the most successful physical theories of all time, but it is also startlingly incomplete: even the recently discovered boson at 125 GeV (probably a Higgs!) raises many profound questions about the nature of electroweak symmetry breaking, the hierarchy of forces, and the origin and survival of the universe. There are strong grounds for expecting to observe new, exotic physics phenomena at the TeV scale, and yet, after several years of successful data-taking at the record-breaking high energies of the LHC, this new physics remains as elusive as ever.

The Oxford ATLAS Exotics group pushes the frontier of new physics searches at the mass/energy frontier, especially using novel techniques to reconstruct and characterize highly energetic heavy-quark (t and b) jets and boosted gauge bosons (e.g. Higgs) in order to look for dark matter, heavy resonances, vector-like quarks, and miniature and Planckian black holes.

We work with theorists to understand these exotic objects and how they could manifest themselves in the ATLAS detector, but we also emphasize model-independent, signature-based searches to maximize discovery potential.First preliminary 13 TeV di-jet search results, ATLAS-CONF-2015-042

We have significant leading roles within ATLAS and welcome new students and postdocs to our effort.

Projects for New Students Search for TeV-scale resonances and thresholds effects with dijets
Search for dark matter mediator particles in multi-jet final states
Search for heavy particles and effects in highly energetic (boosted) di-Higgs final states
Search for new physics in boosted top quark and boosted bottom quark final states
Vector-like quarks and other inclusive searches with boosted W's and Z's
Some of the new physics models we cover Low-scale gravity: extra dimensions; branes; Randall-Sundrum (warped) models
Heavy gauge bosons (Z' and W') and custodial quarks
Additional symmetry-breaking mechanisms and composite Higgs models (e.g. technicolor)
Dark Matter Mediator particles

Current Students

Name Topic
L. Beresford Search for new physics in di-jet and multi-jet final states
N. Nurfikri Bin Norjoharuddeen Search for new physics in boosted final states and jet mass calibration

Former Students

Name Topic Year
K. Behr Electron Trigger + Searches in top final states 2015
S. Gupta Jet punch-through of TeV jets + Searches in multi-jet final states 2015
L. Kogan Fat-jet calibration + Searches in boosted top final states 2014
K. Pachal Databases + Searches in di-jet final states 2014
R. Buckingham Search for New Physics in dijet final states 2013
S. Livermoore Search for New Physics in boosted ttbar final states 2013
N. Brett Micro Black Holes at the LHC and An X-ray Survey of the ATLAS SCT 2007

T. Huffman, C. Issever