Colloquia Series 2016/2017

22 April 2016

Prof Nicola Spaldin, ETH, Zurich
27 Jan: ‘From Materials to Cosmology: Studying the early universe under the microscope’

Prof Val Gibson, Cambridge
3 Feb: ‘The Beauty of Flavour - Latest results from the LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider’

10 Feb: No colloquium to avoid clash with Prof Eitan Tadmor @ Maths Institute

Prof Valerio Scarani, Centre for Quantum Technologies and National University of Singapore
17 Feb: ‘The applied side of Bell nonlocality’

Prof Tom McLeish, Durham University
24 Feb: ‘Learning new physics from a medieval thinker – Big Bangs and Rainbows’

Prof Howard Milchberg, University of Maryland
10 Mar: ‘Spatio-temporal Optical Vortices’

Trinity Term Speakers (Titles to follow):

05 May: Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Physics, Oxford
12 May: Cherwell Simon
18 May: No Lecture
26 May: Bill Foster, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives - PROVISIONAL
June: Halley Lecture