Aprajita Verma

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Aprajita Verma

Senior Researcher: E-ELT, Astrophysics & Obs Cosmology

I am one the project scientists for the UK E-ELT Programme and conduct independent research on galaxies. I am also currently a member of the Science Working Group (for strong lensing) in the UK involvement in LSST, and chair the UK Optical and Near-infrared User Group.

My research is centred on understanding of the complex processes of galaxy formation and evolution using multi-wavelength data. Current research projects include: physical properties of z>3-6 starburst galaxies (Lyman-break galaxies); low-metallicity starbursts as analogues to high-z LBGs; the starburst-AGN connection in and properties of infrared and sub-mm luminous galaxies; dynamics of z~1 hyper-luminous infrared galaxies and z~2-3 star-forming galaxies; kinematics of powerful z~1 radio galaxies; discovery & follow-up of gravitational lenses selected in the optical and the sub-mm. I am co-founder of the citizen science project to find gravitational lenses Space Warps. I am also co-chair of the LSST Strong Lensing Science Collaboration and LSST: UK Point of Contact for Strong Lensing.

I obtained my PhD from at Imperial College, and was formerly junior science staff in the IR-mm Group at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics before moving to the Sub-department of Astrophysics at Oxford.

I am a member of the Physics Equality & Diversity and the Women in Physics Committees. I was also the MPLS divisional representative on the University's Childcare Steering Group in 2015/2016.

I give lectures as part of the Graduate Lecture Course in Astrophysics. I have tutored the 4th year Astrophysics option and am supervising DPhil students.

Please take a look at the project on Gravitational Lensing offered for the 2016 DPhil intake. Scroll to the end of the page!

I really enjoy public outreach and engagement activities, and have partiicpated in various events at Oxford, and helped design and man an exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in 2010.

I am a STEM ambassador and am active in the department's Equality & Diversity Committee and the Women in Physics Society.

I'm happy to visit schools, societies and groups for talks. Possible topics include: The European Extremely Large Telescope (including the development of large telescopes); Gravitational Lensing & Space Warps; Early galaxies in the young Universe; Obscured Galaxies - the dark side of star formation in the Universe. Please contact me should you wish to arrange a talk or visit.

I have also been interviewed and featured in several media articles and have written a guide to the E-ELT for the media.

Twitter: @aprajitaverma