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James Unwin

Graduate student & Stipendiary Lecturer at New College

I am a D.Phil student under the supervision of Prof. John March-Russell and Prof. Philip Candelas. My research is on topics in theoretical physics, in particular astroparticle and high energy physics. One of my primary research interests is the asymmetric dark matter scenario in which the dark matter relic density is set by a particle asymmetry and can be related to the asymmetry in baryons, thus providing an explanation for why the observed densities of dark and visible matter are comparable. I am also involved with aspects of LHC phenomenology, specifically, I am currently interested in LHC constraints on dark matter and the impact of the recent Higgs discovery on beyond the standard model physics, in particular supersymmetric standard models.

Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics, New College (2012).
Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics, St. John's College (2011).
Retained Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Pembroke College (2008-2010).