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Amadeus Stevenson

DPhil Candidate

After completing an MSci Physics with a Year in Europe at Imperial College London in 2008, I was awarded a place at the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre programme, for 4 years fully funded postgraduate research.

In my first year at the DTC I conducted research projects with Dr. George Wadhams (Synthetic Biology) and Dr. Sonia Contera/Dr. Sonia Trigeros (Nanomedicine). I went on to continue my DPhil under Drs. Sonia Contera and Sonia Trigueros and am scheduled to submit by October 2012.

  • Class tutor in the Department of Biochemistry:
    • Biophysical Chemistry (1st year undergraduate)
  • Teaching assistant in the Department of Physics Practicals course:
    • Biophysics (3rd year undergraduate)
    • Electronics (1st and 2nd year undergraduate)

My current research concerns the interactions of nanostructures with living matter, and more specifically, bacterial cells. This encompasses many aspects, from nanoparticle synthesis and characterisation to studying the structural changes of E. coli exposed to a range of current and potential novel antibiotics derived from engineered nanostructures.