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Michael Nelson

Graduate Student

I am a thrid-year Particle Physics DPhil student and member of the Oxford ATLAS experiment group. Prior to joining ATLAS, I worked on the NA62 experiment at CERN and the University of Liverpool. I received my BA and MSci degrees from the University of Cambridge.

I am a graduate teaching assistant for the 4th year Oxford MPhys course in Particle Physics (Option C4).

I tutored the third-year Subatomic Physics course to students at St. Hilda's College, and I am currently teaching the third-year Symmetries and Relativity course.

My primary analysis focuses on the search for supersymmetric particles using the new 13 TeV Run-2 LHC data. Specifically, I am interested in devising ways of detecting the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP), which is currently one of the primary candidates for dark matter. More broadly, I am interested in all searches for supersymmetry conducted by studying multi-jet final states in the ATLAS experiment.

I am also interested in the study of the quantum properties and performance of jets - complex hadronic composite structures which often arise from the hadronization of quarks produced in particle physics experiments - in the ATLAS experiment. The study of jets has wide application in searches for supersymmetry and I am interested in the development of algorithms which can isolate and analyse individual jets and their substructures, when produced in proton-proton collisions at the LHC. I am also active in developments of jet calibration, jet reclustering, jet grooming, and jet mass resolution studies in ATLAS Run 2 and for the upgrade.