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James Maddison

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

I am a post doctoral research assistant working with David Marshall in the Physical Oceanography group. My primary research interests are the fundamental theory of mesoscale ocean eddies, and the development of numerical models and algorithms for use in high resolution ocean modelling.

I am involved in tutoring the Physics of Atmospheres and Oceans fourth year Physics module.

My current research interests focus on the fundamental theory geophysical fluid dynamics, with applications in physical oceanography, and the development of models and algorithms for use in ocean modelling. I am currently researching the fundamental theory of the eddy-mean-flow interaction problem, specifically with application to the study of mesoscale ocean eddies. In particular I am studying the underlying geometric properties of the eddy interaction, and am using this to develop mesoscale eddy parameterisations which preserve key conservation principles. In addition I am using a high-resolution parallel quasi-geostrophic model to study mesoscale eddy processes, and in particular to study jet formation. I am also involved in the development of a finite element quasi-geostrophic model with a discrete adjoint, for the purposes of parameter optimisation.