Publications by Roger Johnson

Soft x-ray diffraction from lattice constrained orbital order in Pr(Sr 0.1Ca0.9)2Mn2O7

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 211 (2010)

TAW Beale, SR Bland, RD Johnson, PD Hatton, JC Cezar, SS Dhesi, D Prabhakaran, AT Boothroyd

Controlling orbital occupancy is a fundamental prerequisite for orbitronics. It has been shown in the orthorhombic bilayer manganite Pr(Sr 0.1Ca0.9)2Mn2O7 that the direction of orbital order stripes can be influenced by controlling temperature or through inducing strain in the material. In this paper we have used resonant soft x-ray diffraction at the Mn L-edge to confirm the rotation of the orbital direction TOO2 and furthermore prove that there is no change in the occupied orbital type, however the orbital rotation causes a switch from 3x 2-r2 to 3y2-r2 on a single site. We find that unlike the tetragonal bilayer manganites, where an onset of A-type AFM quenches the orbital order, no such effect is found on the orbital order below TN. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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