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Fraser Clarke


I work in the optical/near-IR instrumentation group building instruments for telescopes. My main focus is the HARMONI integral field spectrograph for the future 39m European Extremely Large Telescope. I provide on-going support for the SWIFT integral field spectrograph at the Palomar 200-inch telescope, which was built in Oxford from 2004-2008. I also look after the Philip Wetton telescope here in Oxford.

I supervise 4th year MPhys projects using the Philip Wetton telescope here in Oxford. This year we had two very successful projects we intend to run again in the future;

  • Measuring the expansion of the Universe with Supernovae
  • Measuring the physical structure of Extra-Solar Planets.

I also regularly take summer students/interns to work on small instrumentation projects.

Please contact me if you are interested in either of the above.

When I'm not building instruments, I sometimes do reasearch on brown dwarfs and extra-solar planets... sometimes...